Visual Meditation

Visual meditation is a technique using cinematography and music to guide the viewer into connecting with nature in such a way as to create an experience of deep relaxation and mindful awareness.

It’s about creating a space for truly experiencing the restorative and healing power of nature and to come to a place of rest deep within ourselves. Contemplation of nature can free us of the mind’s need to conceptualise, to judge and restore us to a sense of connectedness, as nature exists in a space of innocent stillness.

The music that accompanies my inspirational movies is composed specifically with the intention to facilitate a space for experiencing the dignity, innocence and holiness of nature. It has a transcendental quality which can transport the viewer into a magical dance between our humaness and nature.

A magic blend of images and music

It’s about allowing nature to meditate you and become your teacher.

Come and explore the benefits of a meditation which engages your visual and auditory senses in such a way that it may open up new wonderful ways of connecting with yourself.

It is intended to make meditation accessible to all, including the more novice meditator who finds other techniques of meditating more difficult to integrate, such as mantras or guided visualization, which utilizes the auditory senses only.

It creates a journey where being present in the moment becomes effortless.

Kevin Leicher is a passionate composer who has created the music for this visual meditation. Kevin composes world music combining middle eastern and western elements with the beautiful vocals of Josie Field and Lienkie Vink.

Watch these inspirational movies to be transported into another dimension. A true world of beauty and serenity.  You will become one with the images and the music will resonate within your body.