In Celebration of Nature

Nature photography that touches your soul, inspires you to re-connect with nature, and restores your inner balance and harmony.

I got this personal domain in 2001 when my daughter Enya was born.  Since then, I have made many versions of this website and told my story in different ways.  At the end of the day, what is important is to share my passion for the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us and doing so inspire people to re-connect with nature.

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The images displayed in the carousel are part of my latest body of work Utopia.  This collection of altered-perspective landscapes was exhibited at the National Art Gallery of Namibia as an invitation to Change Our Perspective in the way we interact with the environment and its people.

Namibia – a Mining Legacy

from big operations down to artisanal small-scale mining

When Chris Brown, CEO of the Namibian Chamber of Environment asked me to contribute to a best practice guide for mining, I discovered a new interest : capturing the good side of mining.  An amazing challenge which I extended into a personal project to feature mining activities in Namibia from big operations down to artisanal small-scale mining.

So far I have captured operations at 8 mining sites.

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Soul Photography

People say that my photographs touch their soul... so the name Paul Godard - Soul Photography.  What I believe is that I am trying to capture the essence of my subjects, I mean their real or ultimate nature to show their deepest qualities.  

Dive into my portfolio and see for yourself.

Visual Meditations

Together with a South African music composer – Kevin Leicher – animated still images create a true world of beauty and serenity.

Be transported into another dimension and become one with the images and the music.

Living Your Dream - the story of my life...

A major turn in my life was to live my dream to travel through Africa in 1994. Four years on the road in an old landy changed my life forever.

Watch the movie Living Your Dream made more than 20 years ago!

Another dream was to build my own house in Africa.  In 1998, Petra & I built our family home in Gordon's Bay near Cape Town, South Africa. 

You can see the photos of that house on the slope of the Kogerlberg overlooking False Bay.

Then in 2017, another real dream came through when Lisa and I built our new home totally off grid in a game farm north of Windhoek, Namibia.

Check out the movie Utopia Home to see how close we came from the 3D model!

Another building project was to upgrade my faithful Ford Ranger to a camper... a bit more adapted to my old age ;)

Check out our new Utopia Camper from the 3D model to the final product.

But the absolute dream will soon come through... as I finally bought a chassis-cabin Bucher Mowag Duro 6x6 truck that I will convert to an overland expedition camper truck. The truck is still in Swaziland but I have already work hard on the concept in 3D.

Check out the animation and a detailed list of what it entails.

I am also compiling a list of the most amazing places I believe are worth visiting or re-visiting.  The list is growing every months and when the list will reach 1001 places, I should be ready to start the truck and go on the road again.

See what we have got so far... suggestions welcome!

On-Line Gallery

My images are available as fine art prints or can be licensed for publications or advertising.  I am also available for assignments worldwide.

Check my rates and how much I license my images.

I published 2 books : In Celebration of Fynbos is a book I published with Struik and  
Enya & James in the Land of Magic was part of the Kids of Nature initiative which was inspired by my two children.