Our family and friends in Europe and North America are under heavy snowfall and unexceptional cold weather this year. I sometimes miss the snow and a good dry and cold white Christmas like we had in the old days... Anyway, here in Southern Africa, we relax at the beach at this time of the year.

I send to all of you my warmest wishes for the new season 2011!

And now...

...pour le plaisir des yeux... a slideshow of some prime images of Madagascar... 

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I travelled for 3 weeks with a friend photographer and we tried to capture every moment, like this little girl walking like a funambulist between the paddy fields.


Stay tuned if you want to read more about this astonishing country, with many happy faces and fascinating wildlife, such as the mother ring-tailed lemurs with their youngsters.


Children are everywhere, most of them display a big smile while some can be terrified to see a real vazaha - a white person! 


Clay brick making from the paddy fields is very intensive work where the whole family is involved, including children.


Spectacular but dramatic erosion creating these colorful tsingy all around the country.


Poor agricultural techniques using traditional 'slash & burn', that destroy the forests for ever.


Majestic mango trees producing delicious mango.


Baobab trees can not be missed in Madagascar, especially these Grandidier's baobabs near Morondova.


Malagasy people are hard-working farmers who grow rice in paddy fields wherever the water can reach, even high in the mountains.