Utopia Camper I

From canopy with rooftop tent to mini camper...

I had three 4x4 expedition vehicles so far... a landy, a cruiser and currently a ranger.  Before embarking on a long project to build the  new big expedition camper to travel around the world, we have decided to upgrade our current Ford Ranger DC 4x4 to a small camper.  The idea is to remove the loading box and replace it with an homemade mini camper to fit behind the double cab.

See all the photos of the project.

3D Model

The 3D model has been done with the free version of Sketchup Web which is extremely easy to learn.  As the free Sketchup Web has too many limitations, I have decided to learn AutoDesk Fusion 360... but it is not the same!

Do not miss watching the final product!