Water is a lifeblood of desert, and hundreds of oases that are scattered across the Sahara resemble fertile islands in the desert. Usually the oasis looks very romantic: green palm trees with a crystal clear source where nomads fill their water supplies before they go on their way. It is an idyllic scene that is not entirely correct, as some oasis, like Ouled Said in Algeria, have long been a living place and agriculture area. The palm trees and vegetable gardens make the oasis Ouled Said very attractive. Around oasis is a big contradiction. There are big dunes rising like waves in the sandy sea, and the untiring sun rises temperature up to 49°C during summer. A passenger who would be found here without protection from sunlight and without water would die from dehydration within 48 hours. People who settled in Ouled Said are mainly engaged in vegetable growing and fruit growing. On irrigated land they cultivated vegetables, grapes, figs, peaches and oranges, as well as dates, most prestigious agricultural crops in the desert.