Paul Godard Portfolio – Utopia Collection

Altered-perspective landscapes of Southern Africa as an invitation to Change Our Perspective in the way we interact with the environment and its people.

Inspired by the panoramic vision of the Namib Desert's wild horses, this collection of surreal landscapes emerges from the lands of southern Africa, especially Namibia.  Crafted to invite people to change their own perspective and see their relationship with the environment and each other differently, these altered-perspective images speak to the inspiring opportunity for a more sustainable future. 

See Ticket2Utopia for more information. These images have been exhibited at the National Art Gallery of Namibia from 9 May until 10 June 2017, with the official opening on 16 May by Hon. Minister Pohamba Shifeta (Environment & Tourism).

These 27 images are all limited editions of 10. See 14 more images limited editions of 20.

  • Road to Utopia

    Road to Utopia

  • Undulations


  • Giants' Oasis

    Giants' Oasis

  • Twilight Plunge

    Twilight Plunge

  • Equilibrium


  • Impasse


  • Himba Cradle

    Himba Cradle

  • Epupa Ethereal

    Epupa Ethereal

  • Deep Purple

    Deep Purple

  • Namib Dusk

    Namib Dusk

  • Rain Scars

    Rain Scars

  • Morning Blues

    Morning Blues

  • Crimson Plateau

    Crimson Plateau

  • Big Daddy's Watching

    Big Daddy's Watching

  • Encrypted


  • E.T. Odyssey

    E.T. Odyssey

  • Go Right

    Go Right

  • Pot of Gold

    Pot of Gold

  • Ticket 2 Utopia

    Ticket 2 Utopia

  • Dunatik


  • Weather Marked

    Weather Marked

  • Nama Majesty

    Nama Majesty

  • The Mummy

    The Mummy

  • Surreal


  • Turquoise Oasis

    Turquoise Oasis

  • Wind Draperies

    Wind Draperies

  • Among the Giants

    Among the Giants

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