Like the altered perspective images of my new Utopia collection, Ticket2Utopia is an invitation to change our perspective in the way we interact with the environment and each other.  This principle applies to anyone - an individual, a business or an organisation - and to how we consume, how we innovate, how we utilise natural resources, how we respect each other, how we empower people... and so on.

Ticket2Utopia is a project designed to gather success stories in sustainable tourism from all corners of the destination and to share them so that others might also be inspired to change how they look at things.  Together, and with a "changed perspective”, we can all follow a path towards a more utopian future.

Meet some of the inspiring pioneers that we have discovered so far.  These Utopia Trailblazers, as we like to call them, have already chosen to see things differently and implement more responsible and sustainable practices in their tourism businesses.

Going forward, Ticket2Utopia will capture many more examples from people who have found a better way of doing business, whether they are a farmer or a solo entrepreneur, a backpacker or a luxury lodge, a community-managed conservancy or a large group of properties.  In the African tradition of ‘storytelling’, Ticket2Utopia will develop video-based communication tools to share these stories of change, of inspiration, of opportunity, of hope.

Using online platforms, including increasingly powerful social media, and modern communication technology, such as smartphones and accessibility via bluetooth and wifi, the aim is to reach as many people as possible. Locally-developed solutions will be networked among peers and travellers to spread the innovative approach to sustainable development from this unique, world class destination.  

Collaborating with local stakeholders is key and formalised relationships have already been established with Eco Awards Namibia (EAN) and the Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organisations (NACSO). 

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