Last Friday 8/5, starting from Gordon's Bay around 5 pm, it was obvious that we would arrive in the dark at Platbos Forest Reserve, just before Gansbaai... and we did... even missed the turn off!

Kids of Nature loves trees and is passionate about reconnecting families with nature, so what better place than the Platbos Forest Reserve to get involved and spread the word as Kids of Nature 'ambassadors'.


Marissa from Greenpop greeted us at the entrance and then we tried to get a flat piece of ground to pitch our minuscule little tent in the camping area.  Then we went for dinner under the old milkwood trees... a magical place.

There was an incredibly good vibe in the air with many people sitting around the big camp fire and plenty of children running around.  Although my children, Enya and James, were a bit disorientated at first, they quickly made friends with the other kids.

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The next morning, we were part of the blue team, and after a short briefing by Tarren and Michel of GreenPop, we walked through the forest to the re-plantation area.

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I thought that we would just dig holes and plant the tree seedlings in them... but the plantation technique used for these 6 species of indigenous trees was by far more sophisticated.  We had to dig a big hole, fill it with mursh and around it, dig the holes for 4-6 tree seedlings, then cover the whole area with more mursh including the retaining wall.  The whole purpose of this technique is to feed the new trees, keep as much moisture in the soil as possible and reduce the temperature of the sandy soil in the summer.

I know that very well as I was appointed as quality controller... so I had to make sure that each plantation was perfectly done.

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It was hard work, but we had a lot of fun!

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And everybody helped with amazing dedication.

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It was really incredible to see the commitment of everyone and to feel the love around.


By the end of the day, we heard that we had planted 2500 trees and that, at the same time, GreenPop had reached their 50000 target!

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We will certainly go again next year, and I hope that some of you will join us!


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