First of all, I want to thank Nikon South Africa for their generosity and that great opportunity.

I spent 3 weeks in the Congo jungle in Odzala-Kakoua National Park managed by African Parks.  Humidity was always around 100 % and the temperature was about 32 degrees.

Because I am more a landscape photographer, I do not own a long lens (yet...).  So this was a very good opportunity for me to test a prime telephoto lens, not too bulky, as I had to travel by boat and by foot most of the time. 


Although I would have loved to have a bit more extra in some occasions, I was very happy with the lens and the teleconverter, which I used on my D800 and most of the time on a Kimberly-type head, mounted on a Manfrotto tripod or even monopod.  

The autofocus was very fast and always spot on, and the image sharpness superior than my VR 70-200 mm f2.8.  Really a great lens!

Next time I hope to put my hands on the new VRII 200-400 f/2.8 with the same teleconverter.