On the N7 to Nambia, about 25 km north of Voortrekker, there is a very interesting place to stop... Just after the crossing of the Sout river, which is nearly always dry, there is a shop that sells quiver trees and curious plants called stone plants.

Another 10 km further north (S31 15.998 E18 32.792), take the dirt road on the left and stop a few hundred meters away from the main road, where you see the quartz white pebbles on both sides.

At first you will just see stones, unless you are very lucky to meet these strange living plants at the peak of their flowering season.  Then look closely and you will easily find over 10 different species of these strange living plants mostly from the family of the Mesembryanthemaceae.

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I always make a point to stop to check on them when driving past there for a handshake...


They are fascinating...

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Even the insects look like prehistoric stone-age creatures!


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