Visual meditation can free your mind from conceptualising or judging, and restore connectedness.

That is how wilderness meditates us and becomes our ultimate healer.

Nature has enormous dignity, innocence and holiness. Notice and let it become your teacher.  

It is a magical dance between human and nature.

– Inspired by Echard Tolle and Mariensa Lotter –

This is 14 min of visual meditation.  And if you like it... buy it, and download it immediately and play it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.



I am in love with Nature... I am sure you can see and feel that.  

I am working on a new series of visual meditations.  The first one - Wilderness Healing - has been filmed in the Richtersveld, an amazing desert in South Africa, which is paradise for me.  It's so isolated, so pure... it's Nature Magic.

visual mediation - landscape photography


Many months ago, when I was working on this project and wrack my brain to find the perfect soundtrack for my visuals... I met Kevin.  Kevin Leicher is a passionate composer and he told me he has re-discovered his musical passion while composing for the movie. Kevin has composed this musical masterpiece combining middle eastern and western elements with the beautiful vocals of Josie field and Lienkie Vink.

be transported by Kevin's music...

Watch this inspirational movie to be transported into another dimension. A true world of beauty and serenity.  You will become one with the images and the music will resonate within your body and reach your soul. 

a magic blend of photos and music...

Watch this visual meditation every morning and I guarantee that it will have a positive impact on you.  It will help you reconnect your inner self and you will make your true wildest dream come true.

that will revive your soul...

Most of us have lost our balance, our harmony with the natural world.  This photo movie will restore this harmony.  It's a celebration of the beauty of nature, the power of love for the beautiful earth we are living on.

you can not imagine... the power...


This little movie will change your life if you watch it everyday for a week.  It's better than TV or drugs!

Watch the hires movie in the comfort of your lounge on your big hdtv or anywhere on your laptop or even your smartphone!




This first visual meditation, Wilderness Healing, is 14 min long and the mp4 files are 114 Mb and 325 Mb for standard (360p) and high resolution (720p). 

This is the first of a series of inspirational movies that Kevin Leicher and myself will produce in the coming months.

Come back for the next titles which will soon be released.