Yes indeed it was truly amazing to see this aircraft flying over False Bay at sunset and leaving that bright jet stream behind for such a long time! 

For the next 15 minutes, the whole family was watching the sunset from our balcony. We never have enough of these beautiful moments!

[ZZZ_Photo01-120]And this is James' picture taken with his little point and shoot camera.

These are not great pictures but for me the most important is that I have succeeded in awaking my little boy to be aware of the beauty surrounding us, and this evening I was so proud once again that he took the lead to take the picture and called me to share the moment!

This is why I am starting this new blog on my site, where I will probably share more images than words. Here I will do my best to publish the more interesting photographs that I am shooting day after day. My intention is to inspire with natural beauty and share my experience.

But where is that aircraft landing? Any idea?