Enya & James
In The Land Of Magic

  • is not a ‘don't book'; it's a ‘do book' in which the young reader is invited to actively take part in the story;
  • is a great source of inspiration for children and adults alike to discover the magic in nature;
  • is based on Enya and James' adventures during the many travels with their parents, and
  • offers dazzling photography of nature and children at their best.


Eight-year-old Enya and her younger brother, James, must rescue the last wild horses on Earth from extinction, and in so doing encourage all children worldwide to save our only home, the Earth. Their resultant journey will not only engage young readers with stories of magic and adventure, but will teach today's pre-teen generation about the beauty of the earth and all we can do to preserve it.

Lavishly illustrated with full-colour photographs that draw the reader into the heart of the action and highlight the beauty of Southern Africa, this book is an exciting new storytelling tool for all nature-loving parents, grandparents, teachers and carers.

The story might be one of fantasy, but the inspirational lessons are modern truths.


The Story

Enya is a child of nature: she loves all living creatures and is particularly passionate about horses. One day, she and her younger brother, James, receive magical powers that enable them to hear the voices of nature and to travel to the most extraordinary places on earth. Enya's greatest desire is to ride a wild horse up to the stars. Her wish will be granted only if she proves worthy of such a special adventure. She is eager to help and save the last wild horses on earth with James, but there are other challenges to overcome before having her dream fulfilled...

The photography takes the reader to the Cape Floral Kingdom, Kwazulu-Natal, the Richtersveld and the Namib. As the story unfolds we meet many interesting characters, including a horse whisperer and a San hunter, not to mention Prudence, the fat potbelly pig and Mr Savvy, the paranoid ostrich.


The Author

Inspirational writer Petra Vandecasteele was born in Belgium in 1965, and now lives in South Africa. Her fluency in French, Dutch and English has equipped her as a freelance travel writer for a leading European magazine, as well as a multilingual creative writer for international corporates. She regularly contributes to leading South African publications, is the author of the coffee table book 'In Celebration of Fynbos' (Struik New Holland, 2008), and is the founder of Kids of Nature. She enjoys capturing the essence of her subject and creating an inspirational reading experience. Her two young children, Enya and James, enabled her to re-discover the magic of nature through their young enthusiastic eyes.


The Photographer

Paul Godard was born in Belgium in 1959 and has a PhD in science. He is a nature photographer, co-founder of Kids of Nature and father to Enya and James. Photography has always been his first love. It soothes his soul, and he experiences immense joy through photographing pristine nature. His work has been exhibited in Brussels, Paris, Washington, Harare and Cape Town (Paul Godard - Soul Photography). He is the photographer for the book In Celebration of Fynbos. Paul is passionate about conservation and feels strongly about re-connecting children with nature.

Book Specs

  • Publication date : November 2009
  • ISBN : 978-0-620-45425-4
  • Format : 210 x 210 mm
  • Extent : 144 pages
  • Photographs : over 150 in full colour
  • Text : +/- 25.000 words
  • Binding : soft cover with flaps
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Kids of Nature | Moonshine Media
  • Classification : children, gift