It was very close and flying quite fast over my house from North to South. 

The shape of the object was a disc (seen from below) with 6 very clearly defined blue lights or flames (like a gas stove) aligned on the tips of a perfect hexagon. These 6 reactors were shooting downward and a big 'rocket tail' 2-3 times longer than the disc and with beautiful red-orange-yellow colors mixed with 'Spielberg' blue was following the object. 

The more astonishing fact is that the UFO was flying in absolute silence (there was very little wind that night). It was magical and irresistibly beautiful. That memory will never fade. If you have a logical explanation, let me know…

Apart the logo on the UFO, it is exactly what we saw! 

And believe me it is not a joke!

Now the lady's version (my friend, the second witness). For her the tail was much longer and the disc appeared brighter and more like a bowl. She is not sure about the reactors : 5 or 6… now I am not sure anymore!


Once again believe me, it is not a joke (but the logo) and we were not drunk, neither stoned!