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must know : Ticket2Utopia Project Pilot Phase

The pilot phase of the Ticket2Utopia project has been launched at WTM Africa in collaboration with Better Tourism Africa.


Start Your Journey Towards a Better Future

Let's face it. We can – and must – do better for our planet and its people. But what will it take to make this happen?

Change Your Perspective

The journey towards a better future requires a simple, yet fundamental shift : to change the way we see and engage with the world around us.  Like Ticket2Utopia's altered-perspective images of Namibia’s remarkable landscapes, this initiative invites you to change your perspective and see your relationship with the environment differently.

The Ticket2Utopia project is currently in its pilot phase, gathering stories from the field and exploring the most effective ways to share them with travelers and other businesses alike. 

Meet the Trailblazers

Meet these inspiring pioneers who implement responsible and more sustainable practices in their businesses and communities.  They have chosen to see things differently and realised the potential of acting in a way that puts them on a path towards a more utopian reality.

Follow Ticket2Utopia on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

Published Date: 07 Apr 2016


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